Pattadakal | Chalukya dynasty | UNESCO World Heritage site

Royal coronation is like major festivals during the olden days. Pattadakal monuments located in Bagalkot district built by Chalukyas between 7
th and 8th century was a place for royal coronation during those days. Kisuvolal alias Pattadakkal has a big temple complex consisting of 10 major temples with more influence on Shaivism dedicated and one for Jainism.

The monuments in Pattadakal have architecture influence from Northern and Southern parts with Chalukya history evident in inscriptions. Virupaksha temple is the major attraction in Pattadakal, dedicated by Queen Lokamahadevi to adore victory of her husband King Vikramaditya II over the Pallavas. The temple shows King’s interest in Pallava artisanship and employed architect from South for building sculptures.

Kasi Viswanatha temple, Sangameswara temple, Mallikarjuna temple, Kadasiddheswara, Galaganatha temple, Papanatha temple and Jain temple are few noteworthy attractions with huge influence of Dravidian architecture with dedication to Lord Vishnu also. 

Pattadakkal is on the west bank of the river Malaprabha in Bagalkot district. This place have stories to say about the royal coronation, happiness, anger, revenge and war during those days. Pattadakal monuments along with Badami and Aihole has folklore tales to tell on Chalukya kingdom.


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