Badami | Vatapi | Cave temples | Chalukya Dynasty

Badami alias Vatapi is a town located in Bagalkot district of Karnataka. It was the capital city of Badami Chalukyas between 6th and 8th century. Badami is famous for its cave temples located near Agasthya Lake and built during the reign of early Chalukya rule under Pulakeshin. Oldest rock depictions in Badami suggest the same with inscriptions dating back to the 6th century.

Chalukya rulers ruled during 6th-8th century built this beautiful town of Badami with temples dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Jainism. Agasthya Lake situated in Badami adds spellbinding beauty covered with rock-cut temples. There are four cave temples numbered in order with first one dedicated to Lord Shiva and remaining two is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Most the iconography inside the Cave temple is on dwarfish ganas. Bhutanath temples and Mallikarjuna temples in Badami has a different architecture style with pyramid style. Badami fort top of the hill is another architecture beauty from Chalukyas. Yellamma temple and Badami mosque are two other historical attractions in Badami.

Badami is located near Bijapur and Hubli. This red sandstone town unlocks the cave of history of Chalukyas and influence of Jainism in Karnataka in 6th – 8th century. History should not end with understanding a King’s pedigree and expansion/wars between kingdoms; rather it should bring the agnostic being in us to learn science/lifestyle/architecture styles during those days.

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